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Objection:of Event:


Running 3 attempts of Merveil fights in a timely fashion

Time of Event: 

Saturday April 14th  5:30 PDT 8:30 EDT

Rules and instructions: 

-Participants can create 5 before 

-Particiants start at level one

-Participants are to play from very start from act 1in a party of three to killing Merveil 3 times

-Participants will not use Crafting  ie Beastiary, Master crafting.

-Participants After defeating Merveil, will start back  to Lion's Eye . Wave points are not allow and portals to skip instances.

-Once the tasks are completed, The leader will display play time and reveal to the results the guild leader 

-Participants Can only used items obtain from the event 

-Participants are not allowed to  log out

​-Portals must at least two zones from

TPS will be measured on how fast you Killl Merveil 3 times as well as team place

There are no penalties of death



First Place  Team gets 500 TPS each

Second Place gets 300 TPS each

Teams  who kill Merveil  3 times in 1 to  1.5 hours will get an additional 100 TPS

Teams who kill Merveil  3 times in  less than an hours 1 Hour will obtain 200 TPS

Teams who kill Merveil 3 times in 30 minutes will obtain 300 TPS

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